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You're one step away from protecting your business from thieves, while at the same time streamlining your business and increasing productivity.

60 Day Money-back Guarantee

If for any reason you're not happy with DLGuard, simply let us know within 60 Days of purchase, and you'll receive a 100% refund on your investment.

Sam Stephens - DLGuard.com Owner/Developer

Payments are made through ClickBank, and all refund requests are honored quickly.


Safe and Secure Online Ordering

DLGuard, as standard, allows you to install DLGuard on two of your websites, as long as you own and operate both websites. If you wish to install it on more than two sites, please contact us for special pricing.


The last time I tried to implement a download management solution I gave up after page 42 of a huge complex manual.

With DLGuard it was ridiculously easy to install and then to run.

Add to that Sam's superb customer support and constant innovation and it's an easy decision to purchase.

Harvey Segal - Supertips.com


"And remember, if you have any questions, I'm happy
to personally help." -- Sam Stephens, Developer of DLGuard


Thanks for your unconditional support towards my questions, you've gone above and beyond the support I had expected. That alone is worth what you're asking for in the price of the software.

I've seen similar software packages like yours, most more or less the same in regards to what it can do and they're charging almost on the low end of 5 figures.

Cheers again!

Loz - VideoGuide-ToProfits.com


DLGuard version 3
Secure single product sales
Multiple item shopping cart
Easy membership management
Expiring download links
Limit download attempts
Automatic mailing list sign-up

Double Install license for the
price of one: only $147.00

(Install DLGuard on TWO of your websites for the price of one!)

Keep in mind however, that DLGuard can manage multiple websites from the one single install. Find out more.

If you require more than two installations, please contact us for special pricing.


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Donna Sozio, author of the hit new dating book "Never Trust A Man In Alligator Loafers", entrusts the online sales of her new eCourse to DLGuard:


I am by no means a "techie".

Sam's DL Guard was one of the easiest programs I've learned to use and his support system was timely and answered all (and I mean all) my questions.

Stop shopping. Get DL Guard.

I recommend it 100%

Donna Sozio, author of the hit new
dating book "Never Trusty A Man In Alligator Loafers"


Dr Peter Tylee talks about his DLGuard experience:


You know Sam, this isn't software you've created, it's dreamware! I'm loving it.

After now setting up several products on different sites and running some security tests I must say I could kick myself. I should have invested in your solution a long time ago!

And yes, I mean invested. When I think of all the time I'm no longer wasting trying to achieve what DLGuard now does, I realize that it showed a positive return after about an hour. That's pretty darn good.

Besides doing exactly what it says it will, I think it's the ease of use, the straightforward logic and clear layout, that puts DLGuard miles ahead of the competing products I've used.

My nightmare's over. Like I said, I'm loving it!

Dr Peter Tylee - TribarPress.com


A message from Sam Stephens, owner and developer of DLGuard:

"Thank's for your interest in DLGuard! Over 1000 development hours over the span of 6 years have gone into bringing DLGuard to you. If you have any questions before purchasing DLGuard, please feel free to contact me and I will answer your questions personally."
- Sam Stephens, DLGuard.com


DLGuard affiliate program:

As an owner of DLGuard, you will also have access to our affiliate program, where you can recommend DLGuard to your friends, or associates, and receive 50% profit each time someone buys from your link.



DLGuard Internet Sales Security and Management System


Secure sales
Shopping cart
Expiring downloads
Limit download attempts
Offer coupons
Sales reporting
Template based
Integrates with major payment processors


John Rogers

DLGuard gives way more bang for the buck than anything else I've seen that's comparably priced. And the support is exceptional, which is something that is often lacking with products in that price range. Once you establish and begin using a central system for payment and delivery of your digital products, you will never go back to the hassle of installing and managing something for each domain separately.

John Rogers
- www.resellersoasis.com

Ken Calhoun

DLGuard is an extremely effective, well-developed program that I recommend heartily to all clickbank sellers and anyone else who sells downloadable media, including ebooks, and even provides membership site access protection and paypal integration. A+

5 stars for Sam - he's on the short list of the good guys, for all he's done on DLGuard

Highly recommended.

Ken Calhoun
- www.daytradinguniversity.com

Allen Says

DLGuard. It's a real product, by a Warrior, that provides a needed service to people, no hype needed.

Allen Says
- www.warriorforum.com


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