DLGuard integrates with a wide range of popular payment processors:
Mal's e-commerce
Paypal Digital Goods
DLGuard Screenshots

The following screenshots will help you get a good idea of how DLGuard works.

Selling single sale items
Selling multiple products in DLGuard's shopping cart
Setting up memberships
Reports and Administration


Selling Single Sale Items  
Summary Screen
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Adding Products
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summary screen
adding products

View your products from a clean, easy to use, yet powerful interface.


Quickly and easily set up a new products on the Add Product screen.
Get Sales Link
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Send Custom Email
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get sales link
customize emails

DLGuard provides a protected sales link for you automatically.



DLGuard can send your customer a customized email instantly after the sale is validated, at the same time as transferring them to their download area.


Create sales buttons and coupons
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Download Screen
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customize emails
customize emails

DLGuard can display HTML sales buttons and coupon code forms automatically.


Your download area is fully customizable to match the look and feel of your wesbite.
Ban Customers
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customize emails
Ban serial refunders and charge-backers by their IP address and/or email address.




Selling Multiple Products in DLGuard's Shopping Cart  
Cart Summary Screen
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Configuring Your Cart
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cart summary screen
cart config

Easily add products to your shopping cart by simply clicking the "Add" button next to your products. Items included in the cart are highlighted green.


Shopping cart configuration is a quick and easy process.
Custom Shopping Cart
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Shopping Cart Checkout
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custom template
cart checkout

The shopping cart is template based and so can be customised to look exactly like your current website. The page shown is the default template.

The shopping cart is template based and so can be customised to look exactly like your current website. The page shown is the default template.




Setting Up Memberships 
Member Summary Screen
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Adding Membership Group
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member summary screen
adding group

View all your memberships at a glance on the membership summary screen.



DLGuard allows paid recurring memberships through Paypal, and single product purchase memberships for all customers when they buy one of your single item purchases.


Membership Code Snippet
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Custom Membership Area
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get member code
custom member pages

Membership pages are secured simply by adding a small snippet of PHP code to each of the pages in your member site.


The membership area is fully customizable by you. You simply add DLGuard's code snippet to your existing pages.




Reports and Administration  
Report Summary
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Detailed Reports
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detailed statistics

View your download statistics by month and total statistics.



View product specific reports including customer details.

Hits and Sales Conversions
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Hits and Conversion Graphs
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hits and conversions
hits and conversion graphs

View the number of hits your sales page gets and your sales conversion statistics.



View easy to read graphs of your hits and sales conversion statistics.

Customer Search / Export
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Customer Information Screen
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search and export
customer information

Search for specific customers or export customers to CSV or mailing list formats.



View a customers information and download attempts. Reset timers, download counts, resend download emails, and more from this screen.


Easy Backups
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Help and Guides
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help and guides
With one click DLGuard will zip and download your customer information and configuration.
With built in Getting Started Guides, DLGuard will show you step by step how to set up your products.




As a full time Internet marketer I use a number of different payment processors and to find a product that allows me to incorporate them all for my product downloads has just been a real benefit.

DLGuard is an excellent product and provides excellent security and your support and continual product enhancement are great.

Quentin Brown - www.msincome.com.au


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