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A smooth ride for your customers:
Implementing a download management system is NOT just about making life easier for you - it's also about making life easier for your customers, and offering them a professional and easy download system. DLGuard is a win-win for both you and your customers. Marlon Sanders, Internet business veteran speaks about his experience buying products that are delivered by DLGuard:

Marlon Sanders

Sam, I've bought a LOT of products that were delivered with your DLGuard. The delivery went smoothly and professionally in every case.

Congratulations on your "trick" software.

Marlon Sanders - www.AmazingFormula.com


Allen Says

DLGuard. It's a real product, by a Warrior, that provides a needed service to people, no hype needed.

Allen Says - www.warriorforum.com


Ken Calhoun

Sam is a great guy to work with... I'd had an issue with coding for one page, on a weekend, and he did a patch and emailed it to me within 48 hours.. now that's legendary customer service.

DLGuard is an extremely effective, well-developed program that I recommend heartily to all clickbank sellers and anyone else who sells downloadable media, including ebooks, and even provides membership site access protection and paypal integration. A+

5 stars for Sam - he's on the short list of the good guys, for all he's done on DLGuard

Highly recommended.

PS. Sam you can use that as a (rare) testimonial I give...(I've only given out 7 testimonials in my life for internet sites/products)

Ken Calhoun - www.daytradinguniversity.com


Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

Sam, this has got to be the EASIEST install I've had the pleasure of doing this year - or even in the last 3 years!

For such a complex, powerful script, set-up was drop-dead easy. And it works like a charm too. I tested it out on one of my Clickbank products and it took barely 10 minutes to change my settings and create a new download link - one protected by DL Guard.

Now, I'm sure my experience with setting up download pages helped - but your program is so simple, even a beginner shouldn't have much trouble getting started. Plus, the way you've protected sellers against digital pirates who try to hijack download links is sure to help save a lot of folks a lot of money.

I'm impressed with DL Guard, and will certainly be telling my clients about it.

Thanks again, Sam

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian - www.EzineMarketingCenter.com


Harvey Segal

The last time I tried to implement a download management solution I gave up after page 42 of a huge complex manual.

With DLGuard it was ridiculously easy to install and then to run.

Add to that Sam's superb customer support and constant innovation and it's an easy decision to purchase.

Harvey Segal - www.supertips.com


John Rogers

DLGuard gives way more bang for the buck than anything else I've seen that's comparably priced. And the support is exceptional, which is something that is often lacking with products in that price range.

Once you establish and begin using a central system for payment and delivery of your digital products, you will never go back to the hassle of installing and managing something for each domain separately.

John Rogers - www.ResellersOasis.com


Peter Koning

Hi Sam,
I just wanted to say that I've been using dlguard more and more over the last few months and have turned what started out as a casual date into a hot love affair with this product.

It's so easy to add products and the recently added statistics tracking is extra cool.

The best part of dlguard is that it simply works... every time.

Thanks again!

Peter Koning - www.Affiliate-Software-Review.com


Michalis "Big Mike" Kotzakolios

I just bought a copy of DLGuard and I have to say I'm disappointed! I feel that way because It’s without a doubt the coolest web application I have ever purchased and I didn’t think of it first!

I normally write my own scripts to handle payment processing, but I’ve been so pressed for time lately that I thought I’d give Sam’s DLGuard a try as I’ve read a lot about it.

Firstly, I downloaded and installed it in like 10 minutes! Sam really went the extra mile on simplifying the installation so that no matter what your level of experience is, it’s a piece of cake!

Next, because I’m also running an internet special, I wanted to plug-in the product and get it online so I could automate the delivery and take myself out of the loop. I spent another 10 minutes doing this – most of that time going back and forth thinking there was more to do, but there wasn’t.

I went through some of the other features quickly and all I can say is if you’re selling downloadable products on line, then take it from me – buy this program right now!

I cannot believe the value Sam has built into this and the price he’s selling it for – after using it just once, with the time and effort it saved me, I’d easily be willing to pay $300 or more for it!

Sam – well done! You’ve just earned a whole lot of respect from me as a fellow programmer and web developer!

Michalis "Big Mike" Kotzakolios - www.niche-mania.com


Ron Cowart

Almost two weeks ago, I purchased DLG3 and installed it on my server. After watching several purchase downloads proceed flawlessly combined with the script capturing the buyers info (that info needed for product/server security) in such detailed fashion, I had to say something.

Being middle-aged (did I say that?!?), I recall a time when service and quality merchandise were expected when one handed over their hard-earned $$$. We have progressed (or seemingly so) to the present where at least some appear to expect double payment if their product/service meets the standards their advertising depicted. But not with DLGuard!

It's always refreshing and at least in my opinion, worth the time that it takes to say thank you, to see the type of quality that I've seen in DLGuard.

Sam, you've done an outstanding job. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

Ron Cowart - www.CounterServicePro.com


Chris Armstrong

As a well known advert says here in the UK, this DLGuard "does exactly what is says on the tin!"

We found DLGuard really easy to set up with well written and clear installation instructions. The after sales support by the owner Sam Stephens on his forum is also second to none.

I'd definitely recommend this product!

Chris Armstrong - www.ecs2000.net


Amanda Jones

DLGuard and Sam's support are top notch. I'm glad that I made the intial investment when I first started my website. No worries and I've already made enough to cover the cost. Well worth it IMHO.

Amanda Jones - www.PetCarePLR.com


Michael Tracey

The support Sam Stephens renders is phenomenal and goes far beyond what one could reasonably expect.

My honest opinion is that DLGuard is the absolute best of products of this type.

Michael Tracey - www.AfriChef.com


Rod Cortez

I've dealt with hundreds of different vendors on the Internet over the past decade and DLGuard's support easily makes my top 3 list. Their support has always been nothing short of amazing.

Rod Cortez - www.KeywordsAndNiches.com


Michael Gunn

I purchased DL Guard a couple of weeks ago. I have to say it is the best and most helpful piece of software I think I have ever purchased.

I keep testing it over and over thinking that something must be wrong because NOTHING can be this EASY. But it is!

Michael Gunn - www.MarketingToolsToday.com


Stuart Tan

If anyone wants to get DLGuard, I want you to look beyond just a good product. Think about the service that is rendered.

I'm very impressed with [DLGuard's] speed of service, and am quite a happy user of DLGuard and have been promoting it whenever I speak to audiences.

Without a doubt, DLGuard is probably going to be a great addition to your marketing arsenal!

Stuart Tan - www.InternetMarketingSingapore.com


James Schramko

I bought DL Guard from you a month ago, and you showed me a neat trick to install quickly using my browser.

Anyway, I just started using it for the new site I built and I am so impressed how easy it is to use. I was going to wait until I made a few more sales to send you a thanks, however I couldn't wait!

And if someone tries to claim against me [in refund fraud], I feel reassured that I might have some defence!

It is one of the few things I have bought that actually delivers beyond my expectations.

James Schramko - www.SneakyTips.com


David Christopher Ray "Mr Unconventional"

If you are looking for a great script to manage your downloads (including free downloads) I'd recommend you take a good close look at Sam Stephens Download Guard.

I have a custom system that's cost over 100k to build (still under development) and and I picked Sam's program to use until that system is out of beta. I can use my system now privatly, but I chose to use Sam's instead. This should tell you the faith I have in Sam and his products.

He bends over backwards for his customers and goes the extra mile to make sure you're satisfied with your purchases

David Christopher Ray, "Mr Unconventional" - www.MrUnconventional.com


Quentin Brown

As a full time Internet marketer I use a number of different payment processors and to find a product that allows me to incorporate them all for my product downloads has just been a real benefit.

DLGuard is an excellent product and provides excellent security and your support and continual product enhancement are great.

Quentin Brown - www.msincome.com.au


Paul Kleinmeulman

G'day Sam,

When you put the download link of your software on a huge public marketing forum, to PROVE that your software can fully protect a digital product, I was totally blown away. Nobody is that stupid! But could anybody crack it.... NO! Not a snowballs chance in hell. There was not a chance that anybody could get those products without paying for them. They were locked up tighter than fort knox.

I have never seen anything like that in all my days on the internet. You have really done some awesome coding... in fact I can only say two words... SIMPLY GENIUS!

I would recommend this simple to use software to anybody and everybody that sells digital products. Your products are absolutely safe with DLGuard, so you don't have to worry about thieves.

Keep up the excellent work Sam!

Paul Kleinmeulman - http://www.PrivateRights.com/Success


Michael Wolf

I market a number of products online and have been searching for a solution to digital theft.

It is so aggravating to have your downloads stolen by unscrupulous thieves. DLGuard is the perfect solution to protecting my products sold through Clickbank and Paypal.

You can't do without it!

Thank you.

Michael Wolf - www.helpfulmarketing.com


Lewis Wolk

I have tried many digital protection schemes in the past which I will not name for obvious reasons but I must say DLGuard is the easiest to setup and get running and the customer support is better then any other I have had the pleasure of dealing with before.

Now not only are ALL my files protected but it is so easy to add new files and various combinations.

I can offer a main file with as many bonus files as I want and the person only needs to follow ONE link to download everything. I rate DLGuard 10/10 for ease of use, fantastic prompt support and friendly customer service.


Lewis Wolk - www.atozfitness.com


John Skorczewski

Anyone who sells digital products online worries about the theft of their products...thanks to DLGuard you don't have to worry anymore...It's absolutely brilliant!

John Skorczewski - www.market-tek.com


John Cabral

As a ClickBank.Com marketer I have been looking for a script that would allow me to effectively protect my downloads and DLGuard does just that and is easy to install. It even goes one better and also allows you to have bonuses for downloading.

This is one script that you must have if you use ClickBank.

John Cabral - www.Untapped-Profits.com


Paul Vandor

DLGuard is awesome! I've been looking for an easy to use script that will allow me to protect my ClickBank download pages.

Having your product on the front end allows me to sleep better at night knowing that I will be getting more sales!

Also, thanks for the amazingly quick and efficient support. Most people don't even check their e-mail at midnight, much less provide support.

Keep up the good work and innovation. Thanks again.

Paul Vandor - www.moneytoyourdoor.com


Mike Dixon

I am really impressed with DLGuard!

Uploading and installing DLGuard was one of the easiest processes I have ever experienced, and I have installed a great number of scripts in the last couple years.

I have had a few 'suspicious' downloads in the past and feel very confident that DLGuard will put the brakes on
that now.

Oh, by the way, now that I have my copy installed I really think you need to raise the price. You are asking way less than the value received.

Mike Dixon - http://www.full50club.com


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